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In Loving Memory of Steve Sadownik

November 30, 1971 - June 16, 2018

Steve was an accomplished runner, a beloved swim coach, wonderful friend and an all-around amazing person.  Steve left a lasting mark on his local community as a 25-year coach of the Fort St. John Inconnu Swim Club and as I came to know, he was the kind of person who would sacrifice whatever he could to help someone else.  All interactions with him would leave you with the impression of a overwhelmingly humble man who truly cared about others.

I was very fortunate to have lined up with Steve at a number of local trail races, highlighted at the Lost Soul Ultra 100 mile race in 2015 where Steve went on to set a course record.  Having finished one spot behind Steve that year I can confidently say I am forever thrilled he had the opportunity during his life to achieve something so special and could not pick a better man to have finished second place to.

If Steve were still with us today he would have been the first person asked to be a part of this group and so I feel it is fitting to recognize him and how blessed I feel to have called him a friend.

-Brayden Hiltz


James Dalke

To me, running isn't a passion. It's not a sport or a lifestyle. Not merely a challenge or a therapy. It just is. It's joy, and pain. Peace and war. Freedom and limitations. And that's why I do it. It's everything I love and hate about life. Condensed into a package small enough I can handle. Understand. Excel and fail at. Running hasn't always come easy to me. When I was first introduced to endurance running by an enthusiastic junior high coach, it was a mountain of intimidation and struggle. But the natural progression, simplicity and camaraderie fueled my joy for it at a pivotal age. Something I hung onto in the years of limbo before I rediscovered it on a Sinister 7 team. That led to a few ultra relay wins and course records with my brothers on Attitude Over Altitude and other top solo finishes. That doesn't mean it's always easy. In fact, if I'm trying hard enough it never is. Those are the moments. Where the agony begs the question 'why?'. The answer is always the same. Because I can."


" I'm a little wild, a nature enthusiast, I live to inspire others, and LOVE to run!

I appreciate how I can run anywhere, I can push my mind and body to incredible limits, but I can also run to find peace.  Yes I'm competitive, I've ran a few races and done well, but I mostly love the inner drive.  It's a peculiar mix of inner beast meets inner peace.  Feeling my feet hit the earth, the emotions flow through my veins, and just really is my church. 

Really proud to be part of such an authentic and organic group 🤙🏼💙☯️"

Josefina Kaderabek


Dave B. Stevens

Dave did not pick up a healthy lifestyle until his late 20s when he began mountain running, biking, climbing and snowboarding in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Within the last 3 years he started to take running more seriously and won local races such as the 3-day Golden event, Badger Mountain Ultra, Black Spur, Powderface 42, Round the Mountain and Idaho Peak.  He then fell in love with the sport and headed down to the states for tougher competition.  After a good showing and top Canadian time at the Rut he went onto to take 2nd at the Javelina 100 and a more impressive although less successful DNF in 2nd place at mile 80 in Run Rabbit 100 after going too far off course. 5 weeks later Dave represented Canada in the long-distance mountain running championships after coming 2nd by 30 seconds in the national championships. Since Patagonia Dave has been inspired to take running more seriously by training with Hayden Hawks and putting proper training in. Since the training there has been no races, but Dave ran the Canmore Quad in 7.49 for the self supported FKT, Howe sound crest FKT and then Black Tusk FKT 2 days later.


Becky is a trail runner from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Becky’s journey into endurance sports began 13 years ago with a sprint triathlon 10 months after the birth of her second child. As a non-cyclist, non-swimmer and barely a runner it was a rough go but she made it across the finish line. That first race led to a journey into long distance triathlon, trail running and now ultra running. For Becky, running is about being outdoors, having the ability to travel by foot to some spectacular places and being a part of the amazingly supportive trail running community.
Becky has a love and appreciation for living life to her best ability, loves to take on new
challenges and to encourage others to do the same. Becky enjoys her work in Forestry and
loves any opportunity to go on trail adventures with her husband, 2 teenage kids and Bernese Mountain dog.

Becky Heemeryck


Julia hails from the Lethbridge area, splitting her time and work between there and Calgary. A mother of 4 and insurance professional Julia got into running in 2011 starting with road marathons and working up to her first Ultra in 2013 at the Lost Soul Ultra 50k distance.

In the spring of 2017 a major ankle injury changed her mobility and a shift to Altra shoes & Correct Toes learning to walk and run again. Since then she’s successfully competed at the 100k and 100 mile distances and has managed to get every member of her family, including her parents wearing Altra footwear.

Julia Mitton


Kurtis Kristianson

Kurtis Kristianson started into running 10 years ago and in the last few years has found the joy and freedom in barefoot and natural running. Now an ultra and trail runner, he can be found on the trails in West Bragg or some simple objective in the foothills in Southern AB. The transition to becoming a barefoot runner inspired Kurtis to learn more about foot mechanics, shoes and conserving energy and in turn loves to share that knowledge. There is a lot of talk about injury, pain and frustration among runners in local clubs and anytime Kurtis can talk about his own experience with pain and solving some of the problems he will passionately do so. Like any movement based sport there are smarter and more efficient ways to do things, unfortunately many conventional ideas in running can be harmful or frustrating for new runners. Natural form running is somewhat fringe at the moment but Kurtis believes runners want to enjoy the sport and many are ready to learn and take care of their feet.


"Running is freedom. The ability to explore wilderness, the local trail haunt, and the path from the door. The simplicity of opening the door and letting my feet take me is what drives me to go further. Adventure affords the opportunity to explore the natural world as well as opening doors inward. Ultra-marathon running is the ideal way to experience these adventures. Running in beautiful places and pushing the limits of the body.

Outside of running, I am a student at the university of Calgary, studying kinesiology and work full time as a ski jumping coach. These go hand in hand, with my studies influencing my work, and my work influencing my studies. Outside of work, school and running, I enjoy skiing, climbing, backpacking, cooking, making my own outdoor gear and fishing.

I am so fortunate to be a part of the Alberta trail running community. It is such a diverse group of exceptional humans. All with their own goals and motivations."

Wesley Savill