Paradigm Shift Sports Supported Athlete Program

Now more than ever we feel it is critical to support local and that is why today we are excited to announce our Supported Athlete Program. We are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with some wonderful people to support them throughout their athletic pursuits. Over the next couple weeks we will be featuring each of them as a part of our Supported Athlete Program started in memory of, and dedicated to an amazing friend, Steve Sadownik.

Steve was an accomplished runner, beloved swim coach, wonderful friend and all-around amazing person. One of the most humble and caring people you could ever meet, if Steve were still with us today he would have been the first person asked to be a part of this group. Steve abruptly left us back on June 16, 2018 but the memories of time spent with him will live forever. A short bio for Steve has been posted to the Supported Athlete page on our website and will remain there in his memory.

Steve Sadownik November 30, 1971 - June 16, 2018

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