Supported Athlete: Becky Heemeryck

We are so excited to introduce Becky Heemeryck as the next member of our Supported Athlete Team. Becky's support of the brands we represent over the past few years made having her as a part of our team a natural fit. She became acutely aware of foot health after a plantar injury and has become a huge proponent of taking care of your feet in the years since then. Becky's passion for the Rocky Mountains and for outdoor adventure has grown rapidly over the past few years as she has moved from triathlon to trail to ultra running. She participated in a number of trail races prior to her first ultra in 2018 and has been piling up an impressive list of finishes ever since, routinely finishing in the top 5 or 10 ladies at nearly every race she runs, capping it off with a first place female finish at Iron Horse Ultra 100k last October. We know how high her motivation level is, that she has some huge goals to chase in the next few years and that is just one of the reasons we are so thrilled to be able to support her.

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