Supported Athlete: Julia Mitton

Julia has been a huge proponent of Altra footwear and Correct Toes ever since sustaining a major ankle injury in the spring of 2017, feeling that both of these products helped her immensely in returning to running and walking pain-free in spite of an avulsion fracture leaving her without an Anterior talo-fibular ligament in her left ankle. We are grateful for her advocacy of natural foot health and the brands we are passionate about over the past few years and that makes her an easy choice to be a part of our Supported Athlete Group. While that injury may have wiped out a significant portion of the 2017 year for Julia, she did return to have a strong finish at the Grizzly Ultra 50k in Canmore that October. Race highlights for Julia include a 2nd place finish at the Blackfoot Ultra 100k in May of 2018, two podium age group finishes at Lost Soul Ultra 100 miler in 2016 & 2018 and she loves to give back to local races and events with many volunteer hours donated.

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