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You were born with perfect feet... let's keep them that way! From birth you begin your life with feet that are designed to provide balance and stability on their own allowing for a strong, natural foundation. In our soceity, foot shape and function change as we age and as our feet are exposed to conventional footwear, which causes our toes to compress and curl. Rigid footwear and arch support diminish muscle activation and toe range of motion, causing weakness and atrophy in the foot. With the long-term use of restrictive footwear, our once dexterous and mobile toes lose their ability to move independently. In cultures around the world who remain barefoot or minimally shod, toes maintain natural shape and splay, and foot and toe strength and dexterity is preserved through adulthood and into old age. Paradigm Shift Sports is so proud to serve as a representative for Correct Toes, who promote and encourage foot health starting from the day we are born, and Altra footwear who now have designed and released foot-healthy footwear options for children. The most critical elements of healthy footwear, flat, flexible and widest at the toes, are incorporated in both Altra kids shoes, the Youth Lone Peak and Kokiri, providing an option to encourage healthy development of our feet from the age where they are most likely to be influenced


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